A study published in Psychological Science in 2008 found that certain inherited genes seem to account for 50 percent of our happiness. But even if your natural tendency is to be more down than up, you can make choices that will help you experience a brighter, happier life. Hormones and neurotransmitters moderate our feelings of […]

Update in the Real Estate Calgary Market

As we all know, CMHC has made recent changes with the lending rules for Canadians to qualify for a mortgage and it has been always bad news when CMHC makes new changes. This time it will be good news especially if you’re a self-employed individual like business owners and entrepreneurs.  CMHC now is providing a […]

FCCA with CBC News

Filipino business leaders in Alberta have formed a new chamber of commerce to give a voice to that community, which they say is badly needed. Organizers hope the chamber will help unify Filipino business owners in Alberta and give those enterprises more visibility, along with improving collaboration and advocacy. The idea came from a leadership forum […]

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Network. Connect. Get involved. Give feedback The purpose of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the economic, civic and cultural wellbeing of the Filipino Canadian community by elevating the visibility, standards and ethics of its business leaders. Our mission is to provide members with opportunities for connections and business development through networking and […]

Call to Action

Our Mission is to connect the Filipino Canadian Business Community FCCA advocates and represents businesses’ interests and issues affecting the community. We provide the environment to help our members prosper and succeed through a proactive working partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a healthy local economy and quality of life. […]

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